Lighthouse Rocks inside


Lighthouse Rocks

Lighthouse Rocks is a beachy 2 bedroom self contained house in the heart of Currie.
Only a short walk to the centre of Currie and down to the harbour, this house is central to King Islands attractions (map marker:L).

There is a spacious queen size double bed in each of the two double rooms with a magnificent wood fire place and dedicated library. Ideal for families or groups who wish to enjoy the excellent kite boarding, diving and surfing locally. Enjoy your King Island feast in style or only a quick walk to the Boathouse. Golfclubs (2 right and 1 left handed sets) available plus 5 bicycles and various surfing gear (including wetsuits).

This house is available for the rate of $150 per night (Note $250 for one night due to cleaning costs). For more picture of LightHouse Rocks click here

Call Caroline now on 0429621180 to reserve your special occation.

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