the famous boathouse

The restaurant with no food


The Boathouse "the restaurant with no food"


The famous boathouse often known as the 'Resaturant with no food' is perched on the rocky banks of Currie Harbour. With forests of kelp flowing in the moderated swell and fishing boats resting after the morning catch, the boat house is the perfect location for a do-it-yourself King Island gourmey lunch or dinner. Speak to Caroline for bookings and ideas.

"KING ISLAND'S best restaurant has no food. No chef or waiters, either, or anyone to wash the dishes. But don't let these trifling matters put you off the Boathouse - it's the best spot on the island for a long lunch or candle-lit dinner for two." Lee Atkinson Sydney Morning Herald

"A restaurant with no food. An amazing concept where people are provided with one of the most amazing settings you could find, where you bring your own food, do some cooking and enjoy the company of friends and family. Oh, and don’t forget the washing up" Hayden Quinn

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